Because we're better together

The communities most impacted by weak or harmful policies and practices are often also the same communities that are not consulted or engaged by decision makers. Dr. Nina helps organizations and institutions create initiatives that promote ongoing and authentic engagement in communities of color.   


Because we CAN create excellent environments for our kids.

Dr. Nina has spent over 22 years as a public school teacher, leader, school founder and college professor. She knows a high quality instructional environment when she sees it.  Now most of her time is spent helping other educators design and lead exceptional educational programs.  


Because strong leaders need support too.

Leadership is hard. Change-oriented leadership can appear threatening or disruptive to systems and institutions steeped in tradition.  Many leaders find themselves facing opposition and isolation when they have to make difficult decisions or execute complex strategies. Dr. Nina has been there and done that, and now uses her experiences and expertise to provide leaders with the thought partnership, guidance and coaching needed to launch and sustain transformative initiatives. 

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